Sunday, 28 October 2012

Anniversary Post - Pic Heavy

Hi guys,

Well, today is my first wedding anniversary :D so this is definitely a scheduled post ;)
My gorgeous husband, amongst other pressies, bought me W7 Famous Five and Color Club Holiday Collection 2011 Beyond the Mistletoe.

I will be swatching them in this post but first, my 3 year old wanted her own polish too so my hubby bought her this lovely little collection. She wanted me to put her nails 'on the computer like mummy' so, for today, Grace is showing her mani :) This is a little collection called Once Upon A Princess from TK Max. These don't have names but they are all pretty pastel shades. Below are some pictures of her own mani. She asked me to paint her nails but wouldn't sit still for long (those with 3 1/2 year olds will know what I mean!) so plenty of polish on skin :D

White, lilac, pink, coral, lemon, green and sky blue.

Look at that for a hand pose! She's a natural :D
She also painted my nails, bless her.

Here are my lovely pressies: W7 Famous Five. These are 5 of the Planets Collection.
L-R in box: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune.

Thumb to Pinkie: Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter.

These are gorgeous! The thumb, Venus, has the most stunning duochrome effect (purple to blue) on the nail. In the bottle it has about 5 different colours including pink, orange and gold which don't seem to transfer to the nail.

Neptune (index) is a stunning teal with slight glitter shimmer/fleck through it. Gorgeous!

Saturn (middle) is a beautiful metallic greeny-gold.

Mercury (ring) has pink/orange duochrome glitters in a rose base but in the bottle has a green flash which unfortunately didn't show on the nail.

Jupiter (pinkie) has blue and pink flecks in a dark base. Hopefully the photos pick the detail up enough for you to see.

And Color Club - Beyond the Mistletoe. GLITTER GALORE!!!

Jingle Jangle, Beyond the Mistletoe, Holiday Splendor

Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Sugarplum Fairy
These are all 2 coats. 3 coats would make these completely opaque. These are all holos but Candy Cane (Index) has very little holo. Still very pretty.

Thumb-pinkie: Gingerbread, Candy Cane, Sugarplum Fairy, Jingle Jangle and Beyond the Mistletoe.
This next lot of pics are of Holiday Splendor but I think they have changed the formula, color or holo effect as it's completely different to any pic I've seen of it elsewhere. Every photo (on google images) I've seen of this polish looks more turquoise with holo but this it TOTALLY emerald. NO holo glitter, No silver glitter, NO teal/turquoise/aqua colour. Just Emerald. Think shamrock green. Any coloured glitters you can see in the next pic are remnants from the other glitters I had on before I swatched this one, you know how hard it is to remove glitter!

Bokeh Holiday Splendor

Holiday Splendor

Here are some comparison shots.

This is what I see on my monitor when I google Holiday Splendor but you can see what it's like on my nails too. I thought at first it was my monitor showing the wrong colour but if it was then MY swatch would be showing teal but it's not. For me anyway.

The Sinful Colors - Aqua is what I was expecting this to be like but as you can see its a colour 'match' for Sally Hansen - Emerald City. Is it just me? Have I gone crazy? Or am I the only one who has a different Holiday Splendor than everyone else? Weird... Anyway, THIS Holiday Splendor is gorgeous. Packed full of green glitter in a clear base. This is 2 coats.

Anyhoo, seeing it's my anniversary, I want to share some wedding pics of mine, hope you enjoy :)

See you next time :)


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Loving your wedding photos! Purple is such a gorgeous colour and elegant and stunning!!! Both of you look great in the photos! :D

    Oh how I envy you! Those are really beautiful collection of colours there!

  2. Happy Anniversary lovely! I love the look of those colour clubs oh my gosh! and your daughters nails are pretty lush as well!

    Jazz x

    1. Thanks :) The colour club are amazing. Even more so IRL. I think i'm going to get her one of those makeup heads that have the hands attached so she can do those nails so she isn't torturing me every 2 seconds!

  3. Happy anniversary - have a happy day and I enjoyed the mani's!

  4. Yay!! Happy Anniversary!! I love that you got married in purple, stunning!! I love that your little one totally has the hand pose down, she might follow in momma footsteps!!

    1. Thanks Nicole. I didn't want to get married in white. Never have. As purple is my favourite colour, it made sense! I laughed when she pulled the hand pose, I didn't even show her. She must read nail blogs when I'm off doing housework lol!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Your wedding pictures are amazing. What a beautiful bride you were. I totally adore the color club colors. They are so pretty. :)

  6. Hey beautiful lady!

    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway on my blog :)


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