Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Well, I don't know about you but I just LOVE frankens!

To date, I have 27.

I've given them all names but no doubt will have stolen a name (by accident) so if anyone knows of a polish with the same name lemme know, ta, and I'll revise it.

Anyhoooo, on to the babies.
I won't be swatching on my nails in this post, just posting pictures of the bottles. I will do each one separately in future posts.
If there is one in particular that you would like to see, message me and I'll swatch it for you sooner.

(click to enlarge)

From L~R:

Midnight Kisses ~ A deep Burgundy Red with Cerise glitter mix
Ruby's Shoes ~ A bright Red with Red glitter and Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure mix
Graphite ~ A Med Grey with an opalescent micro~glitter mix
Twilight Mauve  ~ A pale Mauve with mixed micro/glitter mix
Cornflower Creme ~ A simple blue mix
Rainbow Nights ~ A sheer Black with multi~coloured glitter mix
GlitterBall**REVISED BELOW ~ A super~sheer silver shimmer with large Hex holo glitter mix
Son Of Zeitgeist ~ A Duochrome based purple franken with green shimmer mix

So there you have it.... my babies :)

I have a few more in production/near completion.
And like I said, if you see one you like, message me and I will do a post on it :)


Black Diamonds**REVISED BELOW, Shlurple, Moonlit Ocean

S-Late Night, Barbie Shimmer, Fuzzy Peaches, Mother Of Pearl

Magic Forest
UPDATED 25/09/2012
**ALL NEW GLITTERBALL, a clear base with holo glitter
White Noise, a black and silver holo glitter in Fairy Dust base
Deep Space, a dark grey with silver holo glitters
Rainbow Dust, a mini-micro fine holo dust (eyeshadow powder) mixed with Fairy Dust
**ALL NEW BLACK DIAMONDS, black holo glitter in a Fairy Dust base
Let's Party, a multi-coloured glitter mix in a pink base

Un-named, a dark dusky rose with Fairy Dust
Ruby's Shoes ~ A bright Red with Red glitter and Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure mixture
Black Cherries, a vampy red/purple mix
Un-named, a dusky pink with pink and purple glitters
Tangerine Blush, an orange shimmer base with pink and red glitters

Autumn, a tinted base with diamond holos, orange round glitters and micro gold glitters
Autumn Leaves, a brown base with diamond holos and orange round glitters

The above 2 polishes look identical but I can assure you, they couldn't be more different. Autumn started off a clear base with brown diamond holos and orange and gold glitter but the colour ran into the clear base and give it stunning tint. With the Autumn Leaves being in a brown base, the colour of the holos stayed a bit better but faded slightly. Here is a pic to show the difference. Autumn is on the left and Autumn Leaves, the right.

Til the next update :)
Pixie~nails x


  1. I'd like to see swatches of twilight mauve or cornflower cream...or both! :)

    1. Will get right on it :D And I'll do both for you :)


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