Saturday, 8 September 2012

How not to watermarble...

I'm going through a stage of trying things I haven't tried yet. The galaxy nails were... ok. But these are just plain awful!

Alright, it was my first attempt but still, I hated them. Almost didn't post this.

I shall hang my head while you read on... hehe!

Ok, so they aren't that bad but still cringey for me to look at :s The thumb above shows you the awful clean-up job. This was also late at night so, yeah, that's it, it was late and dark and I was very tired... dum-de-dum.....

This is the eggcup I used. I found it used a lot less polish, ie, less waste. I used blue, purple and white to drip and painted my nails white so the colours would hopefully pop. I'm not bothered about special designs so I just dragged an orange stick around...

Pretty swirls.....

I then taped off each finger with plain old sellotape. Next time I might try Vaseline as the tape slipped or I was just crap at putting it on but I noticed that the half moon area on a lot of my nails were missing their marbling. I also noticed the tape would drag the marbling off as I removed the tape. Again, this could be tiredness.

These few photos are straight after dipping. I dipped 2 fingers at once and found this to work ok. The only thing I didn't like were the bubbles that seemed to appear on my nails. I have since found out this is due to taking the fingers out wrong. Upside down or something... I dunno.

This is them after a rough clean up. And they look ok.... just ok. Clean up works wonders. I hate the bubbles so this mani came off as soon as I had my pictures.

Stupidly I thought that I could trick you into thinking I had covered the whole nail, so I filled in the gaps.... pppfffttt!

Massive Fail!
Apart from the list of errors above, I really liked the look of this pattern. If I ever try this again, I shall try to recreate this one. You can see were I had hit them off the table, knocked them with other nails, sliced them with tape and got swamped with bubbles. Classy. :D

I admire people who can do these perfectly. Lucky *beeps* lol!

Til my next failure


  1. Hey, that's not at all bad for a first attempt! Don't be so hard on yourself, I like them :)

    1. Thanks LP, I suppose I am just used to looking at perfected marbles.

    2. You're welcome, and thank you for the follow :)

  2. These are actually lovely Pixie~Nails!! I love the colors you chose! <3

  3. I think they look great! I find water marbling never turns out like you want it but these look amazing

  4. I think you did really well, the pattern is so detailed with a lot of stripes. I haven't tried WM yet LOL

    1. Thanks, thats about the only thing I liked about these, Maria :) I am going to attempt to try everything at least once. :D

  5. This looks awesome:)


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