Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The hard to describe colour of Antique...

Have you ever had a polish that you just can't describe?

Well, this is a polish I have in my untrieds, it's called Antique by mien for Marks And Spencer.


This is a gorgeous colour. It's a metallic.... ummm.... tbh, I don't really know! lol! It's a kind of plummy, bronzey, goldy, silvery, pink.... :O
When I asked around the family, I got, 'a coppery pink!' and 'a mauvey brown' and even 'candied aubergine'.... bless. I have no idea how to describe this but whatever it is, it's lovely.
And just because it's sooooooooooo gorgeous, I decided to plaster Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure over it. It's what I do. 

This actually turned out quite nice too. Above are some different angled shots of SH/HT. You can see the different colours shimmer through.

If anyone out there has Antique, how would you describe it?

Also, yes, I have changed the shape of my nails but I will explain why in another soon to come post :)

Hope you enjoyed,


  1. I have plenty that I can't describe! It's beautiful with the flakes on top!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! And it is lovely with HT on it, it makes it more of a bluey, pinky bronzey.. you know what I mean. lol!

  2. i love holographic top coats..they totally change the look of your nails...you have a lovely blog...your new follower...http://cutenailstudio.blogspot.in/

    1. Thank you Puja. I love holo tc too. From YOUR new follower :D


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