Sunday, 30 September 2012

Requested Nail Art Pics - Argyle

Hi guys :)

This is a suggestion by Sharon On my facebook page. She asked for Argyle. I hope you like it :)

I googled argyle nails and most people had the basic argyle print on most/all nails, so I decided to do something slightly different. I put the basic design on my ring finger and put 1 huge diamond on the rest. I chose these colours as I have a pair of argyle socks in this combo. :D

I didn't want to use striping tape as I like to do completely free~hand stuff but it was late and my first attempt to do a straight line with my art pen ended in disaster... So out came my tape for this part.

I quite liked the look of these nails and will definitely do them again. Thanks Sharon for a great suggestion! :D

P.S. sorry for the blurry pics, I was up late and had bleary eyes so they looked sharp to me at that point! XD


Requested Nail Art Pics - Roses and Hearts

Hi guys :)

If you are a fan of my facebook page then you will know that I asked people to make suggestions that they'd like to see. I have had loads but chose the best few to do first.

First up was Alex and Heather asking for roses and hearts.

This was a pretty basic mani but instead of doing plain hearts I decided to make them with single glitters. I placed a full heart on my ring finger and then wanted to do something different, so I put the bottom of a heart on my middle finger, which then looked like a V. I put the 'top' of this heart on the index finger, which ended up looking like an E. It wasn't until I was trying to figure out which way to place the glitters on my pinkie, that I noticed that I could make the word LOVE by placing the glitters in a certain way, so the pinkie ended up an L, or sideways V :)

Below is a blurry pic to show the glitters better as I couldn't for the life of me get a clear pic without glare.

I painted a rose first on my thumb, then thought it looked bare so I painted yellow around it. I didn't like the yellow, so painted it over with baby blue.

Not my greatest mani but not bad for a late night, left-handed mani :)


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ok, WTH is this?

Hi guys,

I just had to share this link....

Bubble Nail-Art. A New Trend?

I found this new 'trend' online. One I certainly won't be following. It looks... well, odd is the only word I can think of. How would people get their rings on/off? Thank god we still don't have rotary phones, could you imagine trying to call someone with those on? And as for other, unsanitary, filthy habits... you know what I mean! Ewww!

Anyway. what do you guys think? Would you sport the Bubble Nails?


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

You Named It What?!

Hi guys :)

Don't you just hate it when a company brings out a gorgeous colour and gives it THE most pathetic name?

Well, how about this...
This gorgeous little polish has the uninspired name of REDDISH PURPLE... o_O
Seriously... And what a beauty!

The above pics where taken with flash.

It is a super dark (magenta?) base, almost black, with a cerise glitter. It's awful with 1 coat, I mean, I actually grimaced when I saw it but drooled once I had a second, thicker coat on. The one coat kinda looked like a streaky sheer grey with pink glitter. I finished this off with black french tips and clear top coat.

The above picture was taken in artificial light (kitchen) and the picture below was taken in the bathroom with flash. 

This polish deserves a better name but the company who make this also have polishes by the names of Dark Green and Dark Blue... Believe me, both are stunning.

OOOOH! As you know, if you read my ramblings, I had to file my nails down due to having too much fun and not looking after my nails. Ah well, it was soooo worth it! Anyhoo, I decided to use one as an experiment.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the STILETTO NAIL CHALLENGE!!
I filed this thumb into a small baby stiletto... ish shape. I plan to grow this nail as much as I can as a stiletto to see just how practical it is. Will I stab myself in the eye? Will I stab someone else's eye? Are my children's lunches safe with this (soon to be) stanley knife thumb or will I send them to school with holes in their sandwiches? We'll soon find out I guess :)

I am going to post weekly pics and reviews of the Eye Putteroutter.... Stayed tuned :)

Bye Nailies

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Plastic Pink And Glitzy Tips

Boy, is that title a mouthful! I keep saying 'Plastic Plink'! Ha!

Hi Guys :)

Now, I'm not normally one to wear pink. Before I had my daughter, I don't think I had any pink in my house. In fact, The only reason I own pink polish is because Mr Pixie~Nails bought me a huge stash of polish (15 or so bottles) on a trip to Prague, and it included about 3 or 4 pinks. I then got some included in a bulk purchase on ebay. And from then, I have grown to like this once detested colour.

This is brand, La Femme. It doesn't have a visible name or number so I call it Candy. It's got a gorgeous plastic look about it and it's a super-girly barbie pink. If you look closely, you can see a slight shimmer but I didn't notice this irl. This went on like a dream. A perfect 1-coater if applied with care. I used 2, out of habit.


This is Chit Chat nail varnish - Pink. It is made exclusively for Poundland and comes in a variety of colours. I love these, they are jam-packed with glitter and wonderful for making frankens with.

These didn't need to be dabbed on like some glitter polishes as the glitter placed itself perfectly. The photo above was only 1 coat on the tips! Normally I'd have to dab, dab, dab to get this.

The next couple of pictures are the mani a few days old, about 3 if I remember correctly. I got bored, like I do after a few days so I added my Glitterball franken. It was made with loose, large holo hex glitters from ebay and Fairy Dust from La Femme.

So there you have it, possibly my last vault photo for now. My nails are back to a decent state so I will be ok posting pics of them. XD

Later Nailies :D

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I Love Me Some Schlurple!

Hi guys!
More from the vault today :)

This is Schlurple. It's a mid-purple based franken with small and large indigo and pink glitters.
These 2 photographs are Schlurple on it's own, 3 coats.
3 coats, indoors, with flash.
With flash.
Indoors, without flash.
The next photograph is 1 coat of Schlurple over black. I have no idea which black as I never write any of this down! It's most likely La Femme. This is a terrible pic but I just had to show you how awesome this looked! Look at those mismatched nails. Shocking! Ha! I chose the name Schlurple as this purple and pink mix reminded me of a famous soft drink that had/still have the slogan 'shlurple the purple'. I just changed the spelling for trademark reasons.

1 coat over black.
And as for my nails, they are getting back to their normal self so I will start posting current mani's again soon :D

Til next time, my favorite Nailites

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Grey tips and Glequins

Hi guys :D

For the next week or so I am going to post pictures from my vault as my nails have been battered from the family holiday :(

I had no nail care for a week and that led to splits and breaks and bad cuticles... euuggghhh.... sooo, I had to bite the bullet and file them all down to little baby nubs. Sad face.

Anyhoo, here is a mani I had on from a few weeks before the holiday.

First off, I put on a base coat and tipped them with my grey franken - Graphite.

This has a gorgeous shimmer to it:

I then added some single largeish hex glitters to my nails in random designs:

These are the glitters I used:

I topped this off with 2 coats of your basic top coat and voila!

Hope you like

Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

Hi guys :)

Just letting you know that I have started a new Facebook page for my nail blog.
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The Facebook page is all for this blog but the Twitter and Pinterest are going to include links/pics to my blog/anyones blog I share. Feel free to like/stumble/pin anything and I will do the same. If you have any of the above, send me the links or follow any of the above pages and comment and I will return the favour :)

Thanks my lovely Nailies

Share Your Blogs Here :)

Hi guys,

I am going to give everyone the chance to spam the crap outta my blog.
I got this idea from Jessie from Nailed It NZ. So thank you :) But there are conditions...

So, come one, come all, tell your friends and fellow bloggers - share your blogs here!
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Thanks and happy linking

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Are you an owner of wonky nails?

In this post I am going to post some NASTY  pictures of naked nails!!


I was just curious if anyone else suffers from wonky, curly, patchy nails like I do? I have noticed that once certain nails get past a certain length, they start to get a 'wonk' or some even look like I am trying to file them into stilettos. Which I may just try one day if my nails get super long and I want to shorten them. I might just do it to them to see what it would look like on me before I trim them down properly. You never know.... they may be nice on me.

As you can see, I have 3 different severity's (is that even a word?) of c-curve on one hand and the middle nail even leans to one side. Actually a few of my nails do this. It's very annoying.

The longer my nail, the more severe the wonk. The above nails are moisturised so don't show the curly nails but just to show different lengths of above nails. And yes, that is a teabag job on my pinkie :) I had a very low tear and couldn't rip it off.

white part patches on my old lady hand :D.
I also notice sometimes when my nails have been in water, It can take them all day to get back to the natural whiteness again. They look opaque in parts and sheer in others. Bugs me something shocking.
Below, is the nails back to normal.

The wonky side to the middle nail makes it look like I have filed too much at that side but at that stage I didn't even go near the sides with a file. I wanted squoval nails. The fact my finger leans to one side doesn't help, hehe! I have noticed that when I have cream under my nails or when in water they 'splay' and look much wider than normal. I look like I have spoon nails. Ewww. I don't have a pic of that but I'm sure you know what I mean. :D

I have tried all sorts to try to rectify this (polish on the free edges, under the tips, and even moisturiser under my nails) but the only thing that worked for me was to file my nails into an oval shape. I just filed them so the free edge would match my cuticle curve. My thumb cuticle is a straight one but I shaped the nail anyway. An example of my oval nails.

From I have filed my nails into ovals, I have noticed that, not only do they not curl or go wonky but they also don't look ridiculous when they are wet. They only swell slightly now in water and I think, the shape makes my nails look longer. What shape do you have your nails? And why?

So, if anyone else has wonky nails, filing them to oval may just work for you.

Til next time :)


Saturday, 8 September 2012

How not to watermarble...

I'm going through a stage of trying things I haven't tried yet. The galaxy nails were... ok. But these are just plain awful!

Alright, it was my first attempt but still, I hated them. Almost didn't post this.

I shall hang my head while you read on... hehe!

Ok, so they aren't that bad but still cringey for me to look at :s The thumb above shows you the awful clean-up job. This was also late at night so, yeah, that's it, it was late and dark and I was very tired... dum-de-dum.....

This is the eggcup I used. I found it used a lot less polish, ie, less waste. I used blue, purple and white to drip and painted my nails white so the colours would hopefully pop. I'm not bothered about special designs so I just dragged an orange stick around...

Pretty swirls.....

I then taped off each finger with plain old sellotape. Next time I might try Vaseline as the tape slipped or I was just crap at putting it on but I noticed that the half moon area on a lot of my nails were missing their marbling. I also noticed the tape would drag the marbling off as I removed the tape. Again, this could be tiredness.

These few photos are straight after dipping. I dipped 2 fingers at once and found this to work ok. The only thing I didn't like were the bubbles that seemed to appear on my nails. I have since found out this is due to taking the fingers out wrong. Upside down or something... I dunno.

This is them after a rough clean up. And they look ok.... just ok. Clean up works wonders. I hate the bubbles so this mani came off as soon as I had my pictures.

Stupidly I thought that I could trick you into thinking I had covered the whole nail, so I filled in the gaps.... pppfffttt!

Massive Fail!
Apart from the list of errors above, I really liked the look of this pattern. If I ever try this again, I shall try to recreate this one. You can see were I had hit them off the table, knocked them with other nails, sliced them with tape and got swamped with bubbles. Classy. :D

I admire people who can do these perfectly. Lucky *beeps* lol!

Til my next failure

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Everyone has tried them so, so shall I!

blurry bokeh... purdy

These were quite easy to do, I was surprised to find. I just painted on a very dark navy. I then sponged pearly white, blue and purple on, covered it in gold and silver glitter then finished with a few blue star gems. Ooooh!, I nearly forgot, I also put on some white dots and some single holo glitters too :)

The above photos were the afters because before the whole hand was done, I had thought it interesting and 'kewl' to have an accent nail.... no ellie, just no...
It was the disastrous northern lights nail.... Bahahahaha! As you can see it was far prettier in my head than on the nail... I shall never show you anything as rubbish again (touch wood).

So there you have it, galaxy nails a la pixie.

Hope your mascara didn't run/you didn't get in trouble with the boss laughing at Aurora Crapialous :) hehe! Maybe some day I shall do Volcano nails... or Rubbish Green Flame nails! lmao!

til next time my pretties < sorry, watched Wizard of Oz earlier!