Sunday, 28 October 2012

Anniversary Post - Pic Heavy

Hi guys,

Well, today is my first wedding anniversary :D so this is definitely a scheduled post ;)
My gorgeous husband, amongst other pressies, bought me W7 Famous Five and Color Club Holiday Collection 2011 Beyond the Mistletoe.

I will be swatching them in this post but first, my 3 year old wanted her own polish too so my hubby bought her this lovely little collection. She wanted me to put her nails 'on the computer like mummy' so, for today, Grace is showing her mani :) This is a little collection called Once Upon A Princess from TK Max. These don't have names but they are all pretty pastel shades. Below are some pictures of her own mani. She asked me to paint her nails but wouldn't sit still for long (those with 3 1/2 year olds will know what I mean!) so plenty of polish on skin :D

White, lilac, pink, coral, lemon, green and sky blue.

Look at that for a hand pose! She's a natural :D
She also painted my nails, bless her.

Here are my lovely pressies: W7 Famous Five. These are 5 of the Planets Collection.
L-R in box: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune.

Thumb to Pinkie: Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter.

These are gorgeous! The thumb, Venus, has the most stunning duochrome effect (purple to blue) on the nail. In the bottle it has about 5 different colours including pink, orange and gold which don't seem to transfer to the nail.

Neptune (index) is a stunning teal with slight glitter shimmer/fleck through it. Gorgeous!

Saturn (middle) is a beautiful metallic greeny-gold.

Mercury (ring) has pink/orange duochrome glitters in a rose base but in the bottle has a green flash which unfortunately didn't show on the nail.

Jupiter (pinkie) has blue and pink flecks in a dark base. Hopefully the photos pick the detail up enough for you to see.

And Color Club - Beyond the Mistletoe. GLITTER GALORE!!!

Jingle Jangle, Beyond the Mistletoe, Holiday Splendor

Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Sugarplum Fairy
These are all 2 coats. 3 coats would make these completely opaque. These are all holos but Candy Cane (Index) has very little holo. Still very pretty.

Thumb-pinkie: Gingerbread, Candy Cane, Sugarplum Fairy, Jingle Jangle and Beyond the Mistletoe.
This next lot of pics are of Holiday Splendor but I think they have changed the formula, color or holo effect as it's completely different to any pic I've seen of it elsewhere. Every photo (on google images) I've seen of this polish looks more turquoise with holo but this it TOTALLY emerald. NO holo glitter, No silver glitter, NO teal/turquoise/aqua colour. Just Emerald. Think shamrock green. Any coloured glitters you can see in the next pic are remnants from the other glitters I had on before I swatched this one, you know how hard it is to remove glitter!

Bokeh Holiday Splendor

Holiday Splendor

Here are some comparison shots.

This is what I see on my monitor when I google Holiday Splendor but you can see what it's like on my nails too. I thought at first it was my monitor showing the wrong colour but if it was then MY swatch would be showing teal but it's not. For me anyway.

The Sinful Colors - Aqua is what I was expecting this to be like but as you can see its a colour 'match' for Sally Hansen - Emerald City. Is it just me? Have I gone crazy? Or am I the only one who has a different Holiday Splendor than everyone else? Weird... Anyway, THIS Holiday Splendor is gorgeous. Packed full of green glitter in a clear base. This is 2 coats.

Anyhoo, seeing it's my anniversary, I want to share some wedding pics of mine, hope you enjoy :)

See you next time :)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Oooooh Sparkles!

Hellloooooo everyone :)

I discovered something about my franken, Rainbow Dust. It ROCKS!

I made it a while ago by mixing micro glitter eyeshadow into clear polish. I knew it would settle as it wasn't put into a suspension base but I didn't mind as it's just for myself to use. A good shake and Viola!

To get this density, I gently rolled the bottle. It's over my other franken - Black Cherries.

You can see, with a gentle roll, the bulk of the glitter at the bottom of the bottle here.

Bokeh shots, love 'em! This is a blurred shot of the 1 thin coat.

This is a bokeh of the bottle shaken and re-applied to another fresh mani of Black Cherries. Again, this was only 1 coat. See the difference?! AMAZING!

This is it, after sitting overnight. I have Mixer balls in it so a slight roll and it's like the 2nd from top pic and a good shake makes it like the above pic. I love this stuff!

Not only is this an awesome topcoat but I also mix it with other colours to make holo colours. ... :D

I usually only mix a small amount with colours on a plastic lid and apply but recently, I made 2 holo frankens. I haven't named them yet but here is the red:

And the turquoise:

I tried to blur so you could see the holo.

I think this is a little under holo-ed, lol, so I might add more to these. These were made with a very small amount so the mixture I have would probably make about 30-40 holo polishes. Plenty to go around. :D

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

To Appease The Nail Gods!

Hello, I'm back :D

I am so sorry everyone, I fell ill last Wednesday and didn't have any posts even to schedule for you. So you have been left without anything for a week!

I promise, I am working on a few posts right now but to appease the nail gods, here is stars and moons from the facebook page. Rubbish, I know!

Forgive me, I wasn't even going to post these as I don't like them but I had nothing else worthy in the vault :)

I'll be back, I promise :D


Monday, 15 October 2012

Nude And Navy - Awful Or Not?

Hi Guys :)

Today I'm showing these (not-sure-if-they-are) beauties. Nude and navy... can't decide if I like them or not.

I used Jessie's Girl - Stiletto as undies and tipped with Lizzie Rocks - In The Navy. I used Chit Chat - Purple for the glitter top coat. As you can probably notice, the ring finger looks a bit odd. And it's not just because I used Chit Chat - Pink too. It's because I used a thin layer of Hidden Treasure... and I wish I hadn't. My nail looks like it has been in the bath too long. It looks wrinkled!

As accent fingers go, I hate it.

Ewww, I've just decided, looking at this picture, I really dislike this mani.... the odd man out anyway. the rest is ok.

What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?


Friday, 12 October 2012

Requested Nail Art - Xbox Nails

Hi Guys :)

This was requested by my gorgeous hubby Gary on the facebook page :)

He has obviously already seen them and said he loves them, so I am chuffed to bits :)
Here is a list of the undies used:
Thumb, middle and pinkie, La Femme - Ebony, 
Index finger is Franken - Graphite,
and Ring finger is, believe it or not, ridge filler! lol!
I don't actually own a 'tipex' white so use that instead because I don't have ridges.
The logo colours are:
Thumb, middle finger logo and some swirls on the ring and index fingers, Vollare - No 96
Swirls on the index and ring finger, Vollare, - No 99
Swirls on index, Sally Hansen - Emerald City
Pinkie, Pink Tease - Red

Above is a slightly blurry but less shiny photo to let you see the ring finger a bit better. I didn't get many good pics of this :( But for those of you who want to know what the doodles mean, read on...

The thumb is the simple Power symbol.
The index finger is the current Xbox woosh logo.
The middle finger has gone a bit retro with the original Xbox X logo.
The ring finger is the Xbox ring/ripple/swirl logo.
And finally the pinkie is the dreaded RROD (Red Ring Of Death)!

Also, I tried something different with this mani. My lovely reader Bug had recently tried the dry marble technique and when I came to do this mani, I was reminded of it. So, The index, middle and pinkie were painted straight on the nail but the thumb and ring finger logos were painted onto a sandwich bag. I peeled them off when they were dry and then placed them onto the nails and covered them with clear polish. I tried to do all the logos this way but they ripped as I peeled them off the bag. But, nevertheless, I'm happy with this mani. :)

Hope you like it

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Weekly Update On Biletto. Week 2

Hi Guys :)

Today, I have a fancy dress post for Biletto. This is based on a comment from Bug in a post from last week :)

Ladies and Gents, may I introduce, for one day only,

Princess Biletto, Of Bloggerville!


Do you like her Tiara?! Lol! Was going to do a face and hair but thought that would be TOO much hehe!

As soon as I read the comment from bug - ''little B looks like a princess'' I knew that I'd do a tiara due to the point of the nail resembling the shape of one. And pink, every princess loves pink :D

I didn't want to do a harsh pink so I lifted my franken - Barbie Shimmer. Perfect girly colour. It has a gorgeous shimmer to it, as the name suggests! lol! The background of the tiara is Hot Looks - Wow. I then stuck on a few random pink gems to make the jewels. Viola - Princess Biletto!

Other things I've noticed about having stiletto nails:

They do not seem to bend. AT ALL. I have yet to bend my nail backwards when doing laundry. It seems really strong compared to my 'ordinary' nails.

They are super KitKat foil splitters!

When they go sheer from water intake, they take a while to return to normal. The above photo was taken exactly 24 hrs after my bath! Normally takes a few hours but not a full day!

They are awesome for splinter removal!

So there you go, no major problems and I can still work and get things done with the nail so She will be staying for a while yet.

Til next week
Ellie :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Is My Blog Too Wide For Your Screen?

Hi guys :)

Just a question, really, to find out if my blog is too wide or just right for peoples screens. Not sure if it would affect Ipads/phones/tablets etc but would love to know anyway how it looks.

I ask because, I had noticed that quite a few blogs that I follow/come across have to be scrolled sideways as well as up and down. I think that was because I had once zoomed in on a website and forgot to zoom out (by pressing ctrl and + together).

So after zooming out, the blogs look perfect but mine was a bit squished. You may have noticed I fattened it a bit but want to know if I have done too much. If you read this please leave a comment to let me know if it looks ok and fits onto your screen.

Thanks :)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Does This Look Like It's Glowing?

Hi guys :)

Today I have a simple mani. I was just messing about but I actually quite liked this so I thought I'd post it so you guys could see.

It was the purple that I had on in the Biletto post (Deep Purple Pearl by LaFemme) with Sally Hansen, Hidden Treasure on top.

If you click on the before pic you will see a beautiful pink shimmer in this polish that I just love! Gorgeous! I was just messing around, as you do, and lifted my HT that I haven't used in a while. I plastered a really thick coat on each nail and was gobsmacked just how stunning it was over the purple. To me, it looked like a pink fire smouldering away.

Here it is from the Green angle. I forgot just how lovely this polish could be, layered. I will definitely be using it more often on other colours.

Later, Nailies!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Weekly update on Biletto

Hi guys :)

I know this was supposed to be posted yesterday but I was very busy and didn't have time. So here we are, a day late, little B's review...

last week

As you can see, there is not much growth from last week but you can see that it is getting pointier.
Now, as for practicality, it hasn't had many drawbacks... yet.
The only thing that has drawn my attention to it has been scraping (not badly) my daughters belly as I dressed her :( Granted, we were late for school and she does jump about like a kangaroo when I try to get any type of clothes on her but I still thought it worth a mention.
These are also things of note:
I always painted my skin on my thumb when painting the free edge. ALWAYS.
I could get a better parting in my daughters hair for her ponytail without a comb. Handy :)
I found it easier to pierce clingfilm :)
Pushing my cuticles back was soooooo much easier too.
So, I'm going to carry on with the challenge until such times as I need to cut or I decide I hate it. Check in every week for updates :)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Requested Nail Art - Guinness Nails

Hi guys :D

These nails were suggested by Colette on facebook. They were for Arthurs day (27th) but I'm only getting to post them now.

When I started planning Guinness nails, I knew straight away I was going to do the harp but wasn't sure how... I rummaged around in my box of tricks and found my little yellow paisley gems. I knew they wouldn't be perfect but they were the closest I had to anything harp shaped. I think they turned out just fine. :) I also used single silver holo glitters to spell out Guinness on the pint glass :D

I knew the pint wouldn't look right on the Biletto (baby stiletto!) so I decided to do a gold glequin harp on it. Harder than you'd think...

Don't forget... update on the Biletto on Wednesday!


Requested Nail Art - Pumpkins



Halloween is coming up fast and I love it!!!  Here are the nails suggested by Annie and Steve on Facebook... Pumpkins!

These were fun to do, I loved them! I didn't want to do plain old orange nails with a face so I tried to do something different. I started this arse about face (I love that saying!) by drawing pumpkins with my nail art pen. I then painted them orange and the stalk green. To keep it 'halloweeny' I painted the background purple.

This looked unfinished to me so I added green glitter to the stalks and orange glitter to the pumpkins. I finished with about 3 layers of top coat! No idea why so many! lol!

This has a bit of tip wear as my battery died before I got pics so It was on 2 days before I got these. Hence the raggedy look and dry cuticles :s

Anyhoo, hope you like :)

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Requested Nail Art Pics - Argyle

Hi guys :)

This is a suggestion by Sharon On my facebook page. She asked for Argyle. I hope you like it :)

I googled argyle nails and most people had the basic argyle print on most/all nails, so I decided to do something slightly different. I put the basic design on my ring finger and put 1 huge diamond on the rest. I chose these colours as I have a pair of argyle socks in this combo. :D

I didn't want to use striping tape as I like to do completely free~hand stuff but it was late and my first attempt to do a straight line with my art pen ended in disaster... So out came my tape for this part.

I quite liked the look of these nails and will definitely do them again. Thanks Sharon for a great suggestion! :D

P.S. sorry for the blurry pics, I was up late and had bleary eyes so they looked sharp to me at that point! XD