Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Will show off frankens... soon

Showing off my frankens...

I have to date, 8 beautiful frankens in my stash and I will definitely be swatching them at some point. I just want to figure out how this linking, tabbing, HTML and other stuff works first! lol!

'Til next time,
Pixie~nails x


  1. I don't own any frankens, or indie brands either, for that matter :)

    1. I LOVE making frankens. You should give it a go, you can make some stunning shades and even make some replicas of the more expensive brands :)

    2. I've never made a franken before, wouldn't know where to start LOL plus the fact that all the polishes I own are still fairly full and I like the color already (with the exception of this runny nasty white revlon color i recently got). I HAVE been thinking of doing something with the icky revlon white but i don't know what, yet. Any suggestions? :)

    3. Starting with white is a good choice. I had a very dark blue that was almost black so I got an empty polish bottle (you can either buy these on ebay or clean out an old one with remover) and filled it about 3/4 ful with white. I then added bit by bit of the dark blue, shaking the bottle and testing each time to see if i liked the shade. (Without the little ball bearings it takes a while to mix but eventually does) I ended up with a beautiful cornflower blue. Test mixing colours on an old plate to choose your shade. You'll be glad you did :) Let me know if you do make one :) Wow! Long post lol!

    4. the cornflower blue sounds like it would be beautiful :) see my only problem is that i don't have any empty polish bottles, not even any almost empty :( do you think a craft store would have polish bottles? i don't have an ebay account and don't really want to make one hah hah before i started getting back into nail art and polish in general, i would have never even thought of trying to create new polishes, but now i really want to try, eventually :)

    5. A craft store could have some, I'm not sure but you could try Sallys too. Or Amazon/a few online nail polish suppliers if you have a credit/debit card. Other than that, you could buy some really cheap bottles at the dollar store and dump the colours. Or use them if they are decent. Or maybe some friends/family have some nearly empty bottles they don't really use :)


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