Sunday, 22 July 2012

2 swatches of franken

Swatches requested by Crimsonsoulfire

These are 2 frankens I made, Twilight Mauve. I made this with 2/3rds Barry M Bright Purple and A few drops each of (scientific, I know!) an unknown black shimmer with no name/brand on the bottle, a few drops of shimmer topcoat by LaFemme. Most of which stuck to the sides of the bottle!! Anyway, here's what resulted in said science experiment :)

In sunlight


L-R glitter, matt, on its own

Closeup shimmer

Now for Cornflower Creme
L-R, topcoat, matt, blue glitter, on its own
This was the only photo I got of Cornflower Creme as my battery died (!!!) but I don't think I needed to get anymore anyway as it picked up the colour perfectly.  But as to how I made this, it was a simple mix of 1/2 dark navy - in this case, a brand called Crisnail with no apparent name or number, with about 1/2 basic white - Sally Hansen French mani white.

I will most likely use these in another swatch so I will be able to get more pics of it.

Hope you like
Pixie~nails x


  1. Yay! Thanks for doing this!
    Both of them look great, but I really like purple more than blue, so I think I like Twilight Mauve better. I like how you did the glitter, matte and on it's own swatch, very clever :D One of these days I need to get myself a matte top coat.

    1. Hey :) No problem. I like purples better myself but noticed I didn't own a light blue so I decided to make one. I got this matt topcoat really cheap, £1 (thats about $1.56, I googled that lol) in my local Asda, which is your Wal-Mart,(I googled that too!!) so by rights, it should stock it or one just as cheap! If you want anymore swatched, just yell :D

    2. hah hah gotta love google - thanks for the tip about where and how much - will have to check it out ... i actually haven't been out on a polish prowl for awhile but i plan to go tomorrow because there's a sale on sinful colors at one of the drugstores near me :D So i will look around for an inexpensive matte top coat while i'm out.

  2. Ooo I like! I'm always terrified that whatever I mix will just end up a thick gloopy sludge coloured mess so have yet to attempt my own frankens....but I think seeing how good the results could be I may be tempted!

    1. Thanks :D And you definitely should, just start by 1 drop of each colour on a paper plate to get an idea of the colour you'll get, then just go mad! lol! Just remember, add dark colours a few drops at a time to lighter colours/glitters/flakies. I'm in to double figures on my frankens, just so addicted :D


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