Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Are you an owner of wonky nails?

In this post I am going to post some NASTY  pictures of naked nails!!


I was just curious if anyone else suffers from wonky, curly, patchy nails like I do? I have noticed that once certain nails get past a certain length, they start to get a 'wonk' or some even look like I am trying to file them into stilettos. Which I may just try one day if my nails get super long and I want to shorten them. I might just do it to them to see what it would look like on me before I trim them down properly. You never know.... they may be nice on me.

As you can see, I have 3 different severity's (is that even a word?) of c-curve on one hand and the middle nail even leans to one side. Actually a few of my nails do this. It's very annoying.

The longer my nail, the more severe the wonk. The above nails are moisturised so don't show the curly nails but just to show different lengths of above nails. And yes, that is a teabag job on my pinkie :) I had a very low tear and couldn't rip it off.

white part patches on my old lady hand :D.
I also notice sometimes when my nails have been in water, It can take them all day to get back to the natural whiteness again. They look opaque in parts and sheer in others. Bugs me something shocking.
Below, is the nails back to normal.

The wonky side to the middle nail makes it look like I have filed too much at that side but at that stage I didn't even go near the sides with a file. I wanted squoval nails. The fact my finger leans to one side doesn't help, hehe! I have noticed that when I have cream under my nails or when in water they 'splay' and look much wider than normal. I look like I have spoon nails. Ewww. I don't have a pic of that but I'm sure you know what I mean. :D

I have tried all sorts to try to rectify this (polish on the free edges, under the tips, and even moisturiser under my nails) but the only thing that worked for me was to file my nails into an oval shape. I just filed them so the free edge would match my cuticle curve. My thumb cuticle is a straight one but I shaped the nail anyway. An example of my oval nails.

From I have filed my nails into ovals, I have noticed that, not only do they not curl or go wonky but they also don't look ridiculous when they are wet. They only swell slightly now in water and I think, the shape makes my nails look longer. What shape do you have your nails? And why?

So, if anyone else has wonky nails, filing them to oval may just work for you.

Til next time :)



  1. That's interesting to read & see. So many bloggers appear to have such PERFECT nails and it does my head in, because how is that possible when mine are so wonky?? Mine are really flat, especially the middle and index fingers, and the longer they get, the flatter they look. I can't wear false nails because they're usually far too curved and water gets in underneath. Not that I'd want to wear false nails now anyway, but still!

    It's interesting about the clear/opaque thing, mine do that too after a bath, and it makes my nails look really unhealthy (or sometimes look like they've got a big split when they haven't). It's a pain! So it's nice to know it's not just me!

    1. I ALWAYS had an air pocket under both my index and middle fingers because of this! I've stopped falsies too but it was irritating. I think the perfect nail bloggers out there are either very lucky or very dedicated.

  2. I totally have the same problem!! Mostly on my left hand, and they curl way more than yours are in your pics. It drives me nuts! Seems like the only time they look normal is after I do dishes or shower. Then they flatten out all nice and pretty. I tend to shape them ovalish but they always end up looking pointy if I have any length to them. If you figure out a way to fix this please let me know!! And just know that you are not alone. :)

    1. These are quite tame to what they are normally. And mine totally do the same, unwanted stiletto nails! I tried having moisturizer under my nails all the time, this worked but as you can imagine, was messy!

  3. I have wonky nails too! None of my c-curves are even so I have to really work to make them look normal! I usually do a square shape but maybe I should try doing ovals sometime!

    1. The ovals really worked for me but unfortunately, my nails were damaged on holiday so all had to be filed down :(

  4. My nails are super wonky too! Especially my pointer finger bends at both corners so it looks more narrow at the tip than the base and it is so difficult to file it at that point too! Bah, maddening.

    I also get the sheerness and weird whites too. Not all the time but, when I see it, it makes me go bonkers too.


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