Saturday, 11 August 2012

Add a pinch of glitter

Hi everyone :)

As you probably know, if you read all my posts, I get bored easy with my manis and feel the urge to add something to it a day or 2 after doing one.

So, for people that are expecting it, I won't be letting you down... :)

For this is my last mani with a lafemme cosmos top coat.

I added glitter!
This didn't photograph too well, so I decided to be a bit arty farty about it...

Bokeh in the bathroom and looking very pinky

Another Bokeh shot to capture the glitter

This is colour accurate - bokeh style!

Polishes used.
I love layering glitter, all sorts of glitter, but there is something about layering similar colours of glitter to the polish I'm wearing, that I love.

Sorry for the Blurry post but some things are hard to capture on my camera :(

Til next time
Pixie~Nails x

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