Saturday, 18 August 2012

Autumn nails!


I know it's a few weeks away yet but I thought I'd show my frankenfall polish simply called Autumn :D

Close up of bottle
The large slice glitter in this is a holographic brown which flashes all colours.
Getting photographs of this that showed all the colours, that didn't glare or blur was quite difficult!
On one hand, I layered the whole nail with Autumn.

Layered on top of brown

On it's own
This was made by mixing alot of orange glitter in a clear base with a very small amount (2/3 drops) of the brown i wore underneath this. I also bought some gorgeous loose glitter from ebay and mixed loads in. I'm not sure why it looks so dark in the bottle because you can see that it's super sheer on the nail wheel sample above!
The gorgeous brown and glitter used
On the other hand I placed loose glitter on top of wet top coat to make them stick, then covered in another topcoat. This was also difficult to photograph.

The bottom few pics showed the colour flashes best but irl this is stunning. If you look at the bottom couple of pics you can see that the glitter is different colours in each shot with greens and oranges and reds and blues. This is the kind of polish/glitter mani that needs a video! maybe next time :) If anyone is interested, I will post the link to the glitter on ebay.

til next time
Pixie~Nails x


  1. wow that franken looks awesome! Great job!

    1. Thanks :) It's very difficult to get decent pictures with my camera though... need to take some photography lessons! lol!


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