Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Is My Blog Too Wide For Your Screen?

Hi guys :)

Just a question, really, to find out if my blog is too wide or just right for peoples screens. Not sure if it would affect Ipads/phones/tablets etc but would love to know anyway how it looks.

I ask because, I had noticed that quite a few blogs that I follow/come across have to be scrolled sideways as well as up and down. I think that was because I had once zoomed in on a website and forgot to zoom out (by pressing ctrl and + together).

So after zooming out, the blogs look perfect but mine was a bit squished. You may have noticed I fattened it a bit but want to know if I have done too much. If you read this please leave a comment to let me know if it looks ok and fits onto your screen.

Thanks :)


  1. Ok, I think I'm a bit older than most of your fans (48) LOL, not old, just a bit older. Hehe! I like the bigger layouts 'cause then I don't have to squint so much. It fits my screen perfectly. At home, on my celly, and at work!

    1. That's the very reason I zoomed in on whatever website I was reading before! lol! I hate squinting. I'm glad to hear it's fitting everyones screen too :)

  2. its perfect, not too bigg not too small :)

  3. Perfect to me! and I've got a widescreen laptop :)

    Jazz x

  4. Glad to hear it works/fits everyones screens :D


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