Friday, 26 October 2012

Oooooh Sparkles!

Hellloooooo everyone :)

I discovered something about my franken, Rainbow Dust. It ROCKS!

I made it a while ago by mixing micro glitter eyeshadow into clear polish. I knew it would settle as it wasn't put into a suspension base but I didn't mind as it's just for myself to use. A good shake and Viola!

To get this density, I gently rolled the bottle. It's over my other franken - Black Cherries.

You can see, with a gentle roll, the bulk of the glitter at the bottom of the bottle here.

Bokeh shots, love 'em! This is a blurred shot of the 1 thin coat.

This is a bokeh of the bottle shaken and re-applied to another fresh mani of Black Cherries. Again, this was only 1 coat. See the difference?! AMAZING!

This is it, after sitting overnight. I have Mixer balls in it so a slight roll and it's like the 2nd from top pic and a good shake makes it like the above pic. I love this stuff!

Not only is this an awesome topcoat but I also mix it with other colours to make holo colours. ... :D

I usually only mix a small amount with colours on a plastic lid and apply but recently, I made 2 holo frankens. I haven't named them yet but here is the red:

And the turquoise:

I tried to blur so you could see the holo.

I think this is a little under holo-ed, lol, so I might add more to these. These were made with a very small amount so the mixture I have would probably make about 30-40 holo polishes. Plenty to go around. :D

Hope you enjoyed reading,


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