Friday, 12 October 2012

Requested Nail Art - Xbox Nails

Hi Guys :)

This was requested by my gorgeous hubby Gary on the facebook page :)

He has obviously already seen them and said he loves them, so I am chuffed to bits :)
Here is a list of the undies used:
Thumb, middle and pinkie, La Femme - Ebony, 
Index finger is Franken - Graphite,
and Ring finger is, believe it or not, ridge filler! lol!
I don't actually own a 'tipex' white so use that instead because I don't have ridges.
The logo colours are:
Thumb, middle finger logo and some swirls on the ring and index fingers, Vollare - No 96
Swirls on the index and ring finger, Vollare, - No 99
Swirls on index, Sally Hansen - Emerald City
Pinkie, Pink Tease - Red

Above is a slightly blurry but less shiny photo to let you see the ring finger a bit better. I didn't get many good pics of this :( But for those of you who want to know what the doodles mean, read on...

The thumb is the simple Power symbol.
The index finger is the current Xbox woosh logo.
The middle finger has gone a bit retro with the original Xbox X logo.
The ring finger is the Xbox ring/ripple/swirl logo.
And finally the pinkie is the dreaded RROD (Red Ring Of Death)!

Also, I tried something different with this mani. My lovely reader Bug had recently tried the dry marble technique and when I came to do this mani, I was reminded of it. So, The index, middle and pinkie were painted straight on the nail but the thumb and ring finger logos were painted onto a sandwich bag. I peeled them off when they were dry and then placed them onto the nails and covered them with clear polish. I tried to do all the logos this way but they ripped as I peeled them off the bag. But, nevertheless, I'm happy with this mani. :)

Hope you like it


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so awesome! Good choice to your hubby! My fiance would love this!

    Jazz x

  2. I love this Ellie!!! It reminds me of my hubby!! (Because he works at Xbox lol) <3


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