Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fakie Flakie Foils and Wotnots

Ok, remember a while ago in the homemade crackle post, I mentioned something about a *whisper whisper*?

Well, here it is.....

Fakie Flakie Foils and Wotnots. TA-DA!! lol!

For those of you who read all my ramblings (and bless you, if ya do, lol) you will probably have come to realise, I love to experiment. I love to stick random things on my nails to see how they will affect the polish/shade/look etc. Well, today's post is no different.

I found this little beauty when I was clearing out my
bathroom cabinets. It seems to be an iridescent crinkle paper, the kind you'd get in a christmas box.  Instantly, things started running through my head... 'what could I do with this? FLAKIE POLISH!' I ran downstairs to my polish box and completely forgot about cleaning the bathroom! hehe!

I rolled up a small amount and trimmed bits off and poured into a bottle with clear nail polish. Eagerly, I waited......



While this was 'brewing', (or leaving to see if it'd sink) I decided to see what else I could do. So, I cut a small nail shape out of another bit and stuck it with clear polish to my nail. Meh, so I stuck another nail with black polish... OOOOOOOOH! PRETTY!
Seeing how pretty the crinkle paper was over black I decided to see what else I could do...
black polish with crinkle stripe

black polish with random shapes

black polish with crinkle tip, this kinda reminds me of a beetle.
This wasn't the tidiest mani I've ever done but it was fun! I kept it on overnight and when I came to take it off the next day, that's when I discovered something else! (Ooooooh, I love discovering things!) lol! The finger that I had painted black and covered completely in the crinkle paper, was hard getting off. I had to get tweezers to pull up the corners but when I did get it off, the black polish that was left looked just like (kinda) OPIs spotted.
For some reason, I decided to paint over it with a neon yellow.... I have no idea.... I was just looking a sheer polish and this was the one I lifted. Wish I had lifted a nicer colour, this makes it look zombie-ish ha! Anyways, great for halloween!
The whole hand again but I mattified it to see what would happen.
Oh! The flakie polish... well, it worked.... for all of 1 day. After a couple of days I came back to it and it had lost all its rainbow colours. It was basically clear crinkle in clear polish... :( Here are 2 shots of it before it faded. The nail wheel still has it's colour til this day.

held over black background
held over white background

I can still cut up bits of crinkle paper and put it on like glequins, it keeps its colour that way but not in a franken, ah well. And I will definitely be trying the full black polish and crinkle mani again... but tidier!

More experimenting another time :)

Hope this inspired you,



  1. Oooo I think this is such a clever idea!

    1. thanks :D I just mess about with things I find at home and am amazed at some of the results.

  2. This is such an interesting mani I love this idea Pixie~Nails! <3

    1. Thanks :) Am going to do a tidier one some day though.


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