Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I Love Me Some Schlurple!

Hi guys!
More from the vault today :)

This is Schlurple. It's a mid-purple based franken with small and large indigo and pink glitters.
These 2 photographs are Schlurple on it's own, 3 coats.
3 coats, indoors, with flash.
With flash.
Indoors, without flash.
The next photograph is 1 coat of Schlurple over black. I have no idea which black as I never write any of this down! It's most likely La Femme. This is a terrible pic but I just had to show you how awesome this looked! Look at those mismatched nails. Shocking! Ha! I chose the name Schlurple as this purple and pink mix reminded me of a famous soft drink that had/still have the slogan 'shlurple the purple'. I just changed the spelling for trademark reasons.

1 coat over black.
And as for my nails, they are getting back to their normal self so I will start posting current mani's again soon :D

Til next time, my favorite Nailites


  1. OHMG Shlurple is fabulous - if it was for sale I would buy it LOL - it's amazing!

    1. WOW!! Now, that is an AMAZING comment!! You just never know, if I get enough people wanting my polishes, I may just start selling on Etsy!

  2. That's an awesome Franken! My 11 week old daughter's name is Ella but I call her Ellie!

    1. Thanks Lindsey :) Aww, congrats on baby Ella :)

  3. That's a great franken! Very pretty and fun! :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. Replies
    1. Wow! These comments are ego boosting! lol!


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