Sunday, 23 September 2012

Plastic Pink And Glitzy Tips

Boy, is that title a mouthful! I keep saying 'Plastic Plink'! Ha!

Hi Guys :)

Now, I'm not normally one to wear pink. Before I had my daughter, I don't think I had any pink in my house. In fact, The only reason I own pink polish is because Mr Pixie~Nails bought me a huge stash of polish (15 or so bottles) on a trip to Prague, and it included about 3 or 4 pinks. I then got some included in a bulk purchase on ebay. And from then, I have grown to like this once detested colour.

This is brand, La Femme. It doesn't have a visible name or number so I call it Candy. It's got a gorgeous plastic look about it and it's a super-girly barbie pink. If you look closely, you can see a slight shimmer but I didn't notice this irl. This went on like a dream. A perfect 1-coater if applied with care. I used 2, out of habit.


This is Chit Chat nail varnish - Pink. It is made exclusively for Poundland and comes in a variety of colours. I love these, they are jam-packed with glitter and wonderful for making frankens with.

These didn't need to be dabbed on like some glitter polishes as the glitter placed itself perfectly. The photo above was only 1 coat on the tips! Normally I'd have to dab, dab, dab to get this.

The next couple of pictures are the mani a few days old, about 3 if I remember correctly. I got bored, like I do after a few days so I added my Glitterball franken. It was made with loose, large holo hex glitters from ebay and Fairy Dust from La Femme.

So there you have it, possibly my last vault photo for now. My nails are back to a decent state so I will be ok posting pics of them. XD

Later Nailies :D


  1. Ooooh what a pretty pink and I love the addition of the glitter tips!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :) It is quite festive, isn't it?

  3. So pretty and glittery!! I love all the sparkle :)

  4. They are so gorgeous! I keep noticing alot of nail bloggers go to prague? Is that just my crazy head or what? I went in may and completely forgot to pick up all the essence nail varnishes I've ever wanted even though I was in and out of all the superdrug/boots like shops! So silly, I really regret it now!

    I love your glitter tips!

    Jazz x

    1. Thanks GIJ :) I've noticed a few mention Prague too. I try not to think of all the polishes I've had to walk past or I'd cry! :D


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