Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Everyone has tried them so, so shall I!

blurry bokeh... purdy

These were quite easy to do, I was surprised to find. I just painted on a very dark navy. I then sponged pearly white, blue and purple on, covered it in gold and silver glitter then finished with a few blue star gems. Ooooh!, I nearly forgot, I also put on some white dots and some single holo glitters too :)

The above photos were the afters because before the whole hand was done, I had thought it interesting and 'kewl' to have an accent nail.... no ellie, just no...
It was the disastrous northern lights nail.... Bahahahaha! As you can see it was far prettier in my head than on the nail... I shall never show you anything as rubbish again (touch wood).

So there you have it, galaxy nails a la pixie.

Hope your mascara didn't run/you didn't get in trouble with the boss laughing at Aurora Crapialous :) hehe! Maybe some day I shall do Volcano nails... or Rubbish Green Flame nails! lmao!

til next time my pretties < sorry, watched Wizard of Oz earlier!


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